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MYTH & ROID is a contemporary creative unit revolving around the producer, Tom-H@ck.
The group is known internationally with their awesome sound, catchy melody and astonishing vocal performance.
In July 2015, the group made their major debut with their 1st single "L.L.L", the ending tie-up song for TV animation "Overlord".
Together with the opening theme song released on the same day, they were ranked 1st and 2nd on iTunes store in the genre ranking, whereas a record breaking 3rd on the iTunes Store total ranking. Their debut was blessed by the popularity of "Overlord" too.
In the period of April to September 2016, when the popular TV animation "Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World" was aired, they sang the first ending theme, second opening, insert song for 7th and 13th episode. Both the singles for the opening theme and ending theme were ranked 3rd on the iTunes Store weekly chart.
The unit name "MYTH & ROID" is a derived from the imagery of the past "Myth" and imagery of the future "Android". The group aims to uncover a whole new world by combining these 2 elements.
Since their debut, the group have been known to be active internationally.

Official Website: https://www.mythd-club.com/

Official Twitter: @myth_and_roid

The total producer of MYTH & ROID. He is known to be involved in many popular contents for artistes, videos and music, not just in Japan but overseas as well. The contents he have been involved so far are always dominating in their genre. He is the founding member MYTH & ROID.

She used to live overseas and is able to sing fluently in both English and Japanese. She can sing in different style easily and is know to have a "prismatic voice". She joined MYTH & ROID in 2017 after being discovered by Tom-H@ck.