Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals)

Program Overview
The Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) is developed and delivered by the Aso College Group and the certification awarded by Parenthexis Academy. Aso College Group is one of the top vocational colleges in Japan providing high quality, skills-based education and training. This online interactive course will be hosted on learning platform Parenthexis, a sister company of Parenthexis Academy. Both are headquartered in Singapore.

The Certification comprises both manga and anime production. The curriculum is designed to provide students with strong foundational skills in manga drawing and Japanese animation. This course will be taught and graded by industry veterans and Aso College Group teachers Yujiro Yamada (Yamada-sensei) and Takeshi Iwamura (Iwamura-sensei). Students new to manga drawing or Japanese animation, or learners with prior learning but who wish to enhance their skills will find this program useful.

Program Highlights
In this certification program, you will:

  • Learn essential hand-drawing techniques instead of digital art techniques
  • Learn from expert manga and anime teachers from ASO College Group
  • Enjoy an interactive online social learning experience with other learners on Parenthexis
  • Acquire strong fundamental skills to create your own original manga and anime characters
  • Instructive, high-definition video lessons and practice activities graded by top instructors from ASO College Group
  • Build a strong portfolio through practice sessions
  • Earn a certification for your skills upon successfully completing the program 
  • Stand a chance to win a sponsored trip to Japan

Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) Workshop (45 places only)
For students who want to perfect the fundamentals of manga drawing and Japanese animation and learn directly from the sensei of Aso College Group, this workshop is for you!
We will be holding a Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) Workshop in June 2018. The workshop will be an intensive three-day tutorial cum practice session with top animation instructors from Aso College. Students will be able to enhance their portfolio of manga and anime artwork through this workshop.

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